Big Retreat spoon carving – axing out a lot of blanks

For the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of teaching at the Big Retreat. A little health, well-being and craft festival in Pembrokeshire. I teach spoon carving there. Short 2 hour sessions where festival-goers get a chance to try out spoon carving, turning a roughed out blank into the finished product.

Prior to the event, I carve out about 40 spoon blanks ready for carving. Normally I carve 2-4 blanks and then carve them. This is an amazing opportunity for repetition and I always feel in a really good flow (and a little sore) by the end of it. Here is a little video taken somewhere roundabout blank 20.

Sadly the Big Retreat, like so many other events, has been postponed to next year. If you would like to come on a spoon carving course then have a look at my upcoming course dates. The nearest course is in June.

In the middle of carving a lot of spoon blanks

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