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Wooden spoons – local vs online

Last week I decided to make the move to selling my wooden spoons online.  As part of my research on the best way to post spoons to customers I asked this question on the facebook group Spoon carving, Greenwood work and Sloyd.  I got a lot of great advice but also several people raising the point of why sell online?  Shouldn’t you be promoting ‘buy local’ and selling your wares through local shops.

I think it’s a good point and one that I agree with and in fact feel quite strongly about.  I do sell at local markets and at a local store.  The fact is though, that during the long winter month footfall in both markets and stores drops dramatically.  For example the resident population of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is 22,542 (PCNPA website).  While every year the park receives 1.1 million holiday makers (PCNPA website).  Now I’m going to take the liberty of assuming that the majority of these visitors come between April and September.  Which means that during the long winter months my potential market drops by up to 99.89%.  That’s quite a drop!

So by going online am I turning my back on local trade and businesses?  I don’t think so, surely there’s no reason why the local and online realms can’t cohabit peacefully, perhaps they’ll even benefit each other?

Now the only question is how to actually sell online?  Think there might be a fair amount of head scratching before I get the answer to that one.

Yours truly at a Christmas Fair in our neighboring village last year.

Yours truly at a Christmas Fair in our neighboring village last year.