Spoon carving – Christmas Craft

Spoon carving for Christmas

I spent yesterday teaching a spoon carving course.  After the excess of Christmas it was great to be back in the woods, working on the process of turning a log into a spoon, enjoying a touch of Christmas Craft.  The group that came were a family – who instead of buying ‘things’ for Christmas buy experiences.

This seems like a good idea to me.  What better way to spend the end of the year than learning a new skill with family.  It is social, it is enjoyable, you are learning and potentially finding something that will bring you joy throughout the rest of your life, and there is no waste.  No wrapping paper, no unwanted gifts to land fill.  It is a winning idea and one I think I’ll adopt for future Christmas’s

If you are in search of some craft courses I can very much recommend the Craft Courses website as a good place to start.

A craft Christmas

A craft Christmas

Christmas Craft, Spoon carving

Carving in front of the fire. A mighty fine way to spend an afternoon.

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