It’s not really possible to get by in business without a bit of help.  Here are some of the people / businesses that have been of great to help me in setting up.  Check them out if you have time, they do a load of great stuff.

Coppicewood College

Where it all started.  Their 6-month woodland management course was instrumental in giving me the knowledge and inspiration to get involved in the woodland world.

The Garden House

This exciting project in the Surrey Hills aims to develop sustainable land use with a focus on wildlife, education, therapeutic and community benefit.

Trellyn Woodland Camping

Kevin and Claire helped me get started in woodland management by agreeing to let me manage an area of their woodland in return for the wood.  A great system that benefits both landowner and coppice worker. For more information on this please see my blog on the subject.

Great to have owners of small woodlands supporting coppice workers.

Sharpe Woodcraft

Ben is a talented carpenter making a variety of products ranging from beds to spoons. He also works with his wife Sarah, who does beautiful lettering in paint and using pyrograhy.