Goodbye Social Media

Over the last few years I have been dabbling in the world of Facebook, Twitter and most recently Instagram.  Those of you that follow The Coppice Plot will know that I am not a prolific ‘poster’ of content.  It has though been a useful tool for advertising and engaging anyone who might be interested in what I do.

The recent Facebook data scandal has made me rethink my position on using social media.  I have decided that, rightly or wrongly, being an aspiring ethical business I should not be using an advertising medium who’s ethics are questionable.  It has been a tough call though, as I see great value in social media, connecting up people and ideas around the world can be a great thing.  For the moment though, we are out.  If Facebook can manage to clean up their act then we look forward to rejoining the world of social media.

I will make an attempt to be more active on the website to keep you abreast of new courses and events.


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