A spoon a week – a journey in wooden spoon carving

I have decided that more focused wooden spoon carving is in order.  So for 2017 I am going to be carving a spoon a week.  All of which will be used by us or gifted to friends, family or interested parties

The purpose is to help further improve my spoon carving.  By not having the pressure of producing spoons for paying customers or for market I can experiment.  Make a mistake, no problem.

Baby spoons are the current focus – as many of my friends are making their own families.  So if you are reading this and fancy yourself a spoon, let me know, I may just send one your way.

Wooden spoon carving - First spoon of the 2017 wooden spoon a week

The first project of 2017

Wooden spoon carving - The other side.

And the other side.

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