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Hand carved wooden spoons

From all the lovely wood that I fell during the course of my coppice management, I make a variety of products, including hand carved wooden spoons. Coppicing is a brilliant form of woodland management. It is truly sustainable and promotes biodiversity and carbon sequestration (there will be a more detailed blog on this soon). So when buying one of these spoons you can do so feeling happy you are supporting activities that support rather than degrade the planet.

hand carved wooden spoons
All my spoons are carved using traditional and simple tools.

Here you can see my spoons. All the items are carved entirely by hand. In fact, even the tree is felled by hand, using an axe and cross-cut saw.

All the hand carved wooden spoons listed here are my ‘stock’ spoons. Occasionally I will carve something unique and I will put these up on the site when they are available. All the spoons are hand carved so each one does vary slightly, it’s part of the charm.

If you have something particular in mind or want a spoon for a special occasion then let me know and I can make something bespoke.

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How to order

To order please get in touch through the website, via email or give me a call. Payment will be via BACS or cheque. Prices do not include postage.