Volunteer opportunities at Tregroes Moor Woodland

I am really excited to offer the chance to come and volunteer at Tregroes Moor Woodland.  The management of any woodland is a big task and it is often the case that many hands make light work.  Wherever possible I try and pay people to help me in the woods.  I believe this is an important part of getting people back into woodlands and proving that woodlands can make a viable business, without relying on grants and an unpaid work force for their continued management.

That said, as the business grows, funds are not unlimited, and hence this is not always possible.  However, I hope that volunteering at the woods will provide other benefits for the volunteer despite the lack of financial reward.  All volunteers that attend will be able to learn a new skill that hopefully they will find useful in the management of their own or others land in the future.  All volunteer activities will be directly related to woodland management.

So if this sounds of interest to you please keep an eye on the Facebook Page for dates and further information.  The first volunteer day will take place early in the new year.

Tree planting might form one of the activities for a volunteer day

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