The Coppice Plot – Sustainable woodland management in Pembrokeshire – West Wales

The Coppice Plot manages woodlands in order to produce coppice products ranging from top quality Pembrokeshire charcoal to a variety of beautiful greenwood work items. This website advertises some of what I produce but also hopes to provide information on coppicing and its associated crafts as well as links to others involved in the industry. I hope you enjoy it.

I am very excited to say we will be running a residential spoon carving course at Tregroes Moor Woodland (Kitewood Camping) in mid September 2018.  The course will be limited to 5 people and involve two days of carving and 3 nights of camping in 60 acres of woodland just outside Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, West Wales.  More details to follow but if you would like some more information before then please get in touch.