About us

I am a coppice worker. Living and working in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. I love what I do, which is working a woodland sustainably using traditional methods and tools. I am passionate about the use of hand tools for woodland management and craft. I believe it just makes everything better. I can fell a tree whilst still being able to hear the birds, I can make a gate while chatting to my fellow greenwood workers and I can carve a spoon sat in front of the fire in my living room (admittedly with the occasional sigh and rolling of the eyes from Sarah (my wife and friend). Hand tools encourage sustainability. They slow you down (but not as much as people think) and consequently make you consider your choices more. They connect you to the wood you work and then ultimately to the end product, be that a log for the fire or a spoon for your bowl. There are many advantages, but mostly I use them because I enjoy them and I love the process of using them. To quote Barn the Spoon – to work a woodland with hand tools is ‘to have a good job in the woods’.

I don’t always work alone and I am privileged to be able to sometimes work alongside two friends and fellow woodsmen Nick Barnes and Barbara Goodwin. We often collaborate on projects, sharing the work and the reward.

I very much hope you enjoy browsing this site and that you find some form of inspiration in it.

David (that’s me) and my trusty sidekick Penny dog. This photo was taken about 6 years ago now sitting next to my first bag of charcoal. I no longer make charcoal (for now), dedicating my time instead to greenwood work.

Nick and Barb hard at work on the cross cut saw. I’m pretending to be busy taking photos! They both taught me all I know about axe work and woodland management.