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  • Spoon carving tools – axes

    Spoon carving tools – axes

    When you start out on any new trade or hobby there is always the question of what tools do I need? Which spoon carving tools are the best, or which tools are right for me? I thought it would be useful to have a blog post series on the various spoon carving tools I’ve used.…

  • Wooden spoons

    Wooden spoons

    Many of you reading this blog have purchased one of my wooden spoons (for which I am very grateful). I wondered though, and what led me to write this blog, is do you know how it was made? Well spoon carving is in essence incredibly simple. You start with a tree and you remove wood…

  • Why do I use hand tools?

    Why do I use hand tools?

    I class myself as a hand tool worker. What does this mean? It means that I use minimum amounts of machinery in my coppice work and in making my products. There are a few exceptions – I do own an electric chainsaw which I use to crosscut my firewood and cut my greenwood to length…