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After covering axes last month – this time it is spoon carving knives. If you missed the blog on axes you can find it here.

This is going to be a fairly short blog because I only use two types of knives, from two different makers.

Straight knives

These are the spoon carving knives that do the bulk of the work. I have always used Mora knives. More specifically the Mora Kniv 120 and 106. The 120 is shorter than the 106 and would be my reccomendation for a first time knife. The shorter length helps keeps fingers safer without sacrificing and practicality.

These knives are incredible value, have good steel and come sharp out of the box.

Spoon carving knives
The Mora 106

Hook knives

All spoons will need a bowl. To make a bowl you need a hook knife. My go to hook knife is the compound curve spoon knife by Wood Tools. It is a versatile and quality tool.

The rabbit hole

Spoon carving is often promoted as being accessible because you don’t need many tools or space. This is true, but, it is very hard to resist new shiny knives. There are a lot of makers out there now, many making really quality tools. The price varies but when you get into custom knives you will often (but not always) end up paying over £100.

I can’t comment on any of these knives as I haven’t used them. For my spoon carving up to date I have been quite happy with my Mora and Wood Tools knives. That said, I think I may well splash out in 2024. When I do I’ll let you know.

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